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The following list is based on information on the The Linux Link website, maintained by Dann Washko. Thanks to everyone who supplied updated information on the podcasts and a special thank you to Dave Morriss for helping to write the script that parsed the links. The shows are listed based on their last release date.
The script that generated this list can be found here

Linux Game Cast

Linux gaming news, reviews, capture and whatever else we come up with. (2012-08-15T04:52:49)


The podcast network of your favorite GNU/Linux media (2012-08-14T02:44:00)

SANS Internet Storm Center Daily Network Security Podcast

The SANS Internet Storm Center is a volunteer driven organization to alert the public of current information security threats and trends. The core of the Internet Storm Center is a group of about 40 handlers. These handlers are volunteer, and hand picked for their outstanding contributions to the field, real world experience and good performance in GIAC certifications. For more information, see (2012-08-14T01:23:41)

Hacker Public Radio

Hacker Public Radio is an podcast that releases shows every weekday Monday through Friday. Our shows are produced by the community (you) and can be on any topic that is are of interest to hackers and hobbyists. (2012-08-14T00:00:00) is designed to provide a Chart for Creative Commons Music, in a way that is easily able to be integrated into other music shows that play Creative Commons Music. has a daily exposure podcast, playing one new track every day, a weekly podcast, playing the last week of tracks played on the podcast, plus the top rated three tracks from the previous week. There is also a monthly podcast which features the top rated tracks over the whole system. (2012-08-14T00:00:00)


A FOSS and Free Culture show with a Scottish flavour (2012-08-13T22:20:07)

The Techie Geek Podcast


KernelPanic Oggcast

KernelPanic Oggcast is a work/family friendly show that broadcasts live, fortnightly on Saturday night. Join us as we discuss Linux/FOSS news and reviews. (2012-08-13T03:44:49)

The Command Line

Podcast and blog exploring digital citizenry as a creator and a consumer. (2012-08-12T21:06:26)

NosillaCast Mac Podcast

Allison Sheridan’s technology geek podcast with an EVER so slight Macintosh bias (2012-08-12T19:27:02)

Distrowatch Weekly Podcast, the popular Linux distribution news and information site, publishes a weekly news and commentary section. A Guest Host reads DistroWatch content, and adds a little of their own. (2012-08-12T17:15:00)

All Jupiter Broadcasting Videos

High Quailty videos from key Jupiter Broadcasting Shows. Content made for geeks, from The Computer Action Show, STOked our Star Trek Online podcast to Beer is Tasty, our beer review show! (2012-08-12T16:33:21)

Life on the edge of real and cyberspace. (2012-08-12T14:36:17)


Alles rund um die IT- und Techwelt (2012-08-12T06:00:08)

Sunday Morning Linux Review

with Mat, Tony, and Mary (2012-08-12T04:00:11)

The Bugcast

Music and chat from South Yorkshire in the UK (2012-08-11T02:00:48)

Linux Outlaws

Two pragmatic geeks talk about the latest news concerning Linux, free and open technology or anything else they deem noteworthy which may include such absurd things as hockey or bands you never heard of. This means there’s many a joke and derailed conversation along the way, so don’t come here expecting only Linux or software freedom talk just sit back and relax, partner. (2012-08-10T21:11:15)

InfoSec Daily Podcast

The InfoSec Daily Podcast with hosted by Rick Hayes with Boris Sverdlik, David Kennedy, Beau Woods, Adrian Crenshaw, Karthik Rangarajan, Geordy Rostad, Them_, and Dr. B0n3z. A daily Information Security podcast where we discuss vulnerabilities, the latest information security news as well as technical discussion and debates. (2012-08-10T21:04:21)

mintCast (ogg)

Welcome to mintCast, the podcast by the Linux Mint community for all users of Linux. (2012-08-10T17:33:09)

Spark from CBC Radio

Spark on CBC Radio One Nora Young helps you navigate your digital life by connecting you to fresh ideas in surprising ways. (2012-08-10T04:00:00)

Mike Tech Show Podcast

Technology and computer podcast discussing cool sites, software, tips and tricks that will make you more productive at home and work. (2012-08-10T01:58:00)

Juiced Penguin

A musical Oggcast for the Ogg community. Est. Jan 26, 2009 (2012-08-09T20:40:58)

The CyberJungle

The CyberJungle is the nation’s first news talk show on security, privacy and the law. Featuring digital forensics and infosec specialist Ira Victor and award-winning journalist Samantha Stone. The show is fast-paced and includes hard hitting news analysis. Formerly The Data Security Podcast. (2012-08-09T19:15:00)

Security Now!

Steve Gibson, the man who coined the term spyware and created the first anti-spyware program, creator of Spinrite and ShieldsUP, discusses the hot topics in security today with Leo Laporte. Winner of the 2009 and 2007 people’s choice award for best Technology/Science podcast. (2012-08-08T23:39:07)

Off The Hook: high-bitrate MP3 feed

Off The Hook is a weekly show on WBAI radio, New York, produced by 2600 Magazine. This feed offers a high-bitrate MP3 version of the show. (2012-08-08T20:00:00)

TGTM News Mp3 feed.

“Talk Geek To Me News” the Mp3 feed. (2012-08-08T18:20:42)

FLOSS Weekly

Each Wednesday we talk about Free Libre and Open Source Software with the people who are writing it. Part of the TWiT Netcast Network. (2012-08-08T10:56:40)

Network Security Podcast

The Network Security Podcast (2012-08-07T22:00:44)

Off The Wall: high-bitrate MP3 feed

Off The Wall is a weekly show on WUSB radio, Stony Brook – Long Island, produced by 2600 Magazine. This feed offers a high-bitrate MP3 version of the show. (2012-08-07T19:00:00)

Surprisingly Free (mp3)

A weekly podcast featuring in-depth discussions with an eclectic mix of authors, academics, and entrepreneurs at the intersection of technology, policy, and economics. (2012-08-07T12:30:47)


Saving the world, one level at a time. (2012-08-07T00:00:00)

Linux For The Rest Of Us

Linux For The Rest Of Us Podcast (2012-08-06T23:55:58)

Fuzion Podcast Network Tin Foil Hat


Tin Foil Hat

This is CafeNinjas soap-box for political awareness in regards to digital rights and practical personal security in the digital age. Following the latest in legal and policy changes with analysis on how it impacts you and your life. As well as practical tips and tricks on how the common non-hacker can help protect themselves online. (2012-08-06T16:49:16)


DeimHart ist ein Podcast von Dirk Deimeke und Roman Hanhart, bei dem vor allem Inhalte aus der freien Linux-, und OpenSource-Welt besprochen werden. Der Fokus liegt hufig bei Ubuntu und dessen Derivate. Nebenbei kommen auch gesellschaftliche Themen zur Sprache, die sich um das Feld der OpenSource-Gemeinschaft finden lassen. Die Mediendateien liegen im OGG- und MP3-Format vor.Das klingt gut … (2012-08-06T05:14:00)

Android Buffet Podcast

Hungry for Android? Get all you can eat at the Android Buffet Podcast…live on Mondays at 10PM Eastern (2012-08-06T04:16:58)

PaulDotCom Security Weekly

For the latest in computer security news, hacking, and research! We sit around, drink beer, and talk security. (2012-08-05T22:44:41)

Going Linux

Going Linux is a podcast for computer users who just want to use Linux to get things done. Whether you are new to Linux, moving from Windows to Linux, or thinking about upgrading to Linux, this podcast will provide you with practical, day-to-day advice on how to use Linux and Linux applications. (2012-08-05T00:00:01)

The Dick Turpin Road Show

Welcome to The Dick Turpin Roadshow, a humorous look at the Open Source community from comments on social networks, peoples blogs and websites to the mad bag lady on the street corner. Some, if not everything, said here is probably the fiction of our warped minds so theres little point in getting upset about anything we say. Hopefully you’ll find us funny and entertaining, there will be some rude words so if you have a weak heart or are easily offended this is not for you. (2012-08-04T11:04:30)

ECT News Network Broadcast

ECT News Network business and technology updates, with news and feature commentary from industry experts. (2012-08-03T14:59:54)

Linuxbasix ogg feed

This is a cast where we discuss various Linux topics. Provided in either MP3 and OGG versions. (2012-08-03T09:10:00)

omega tau

wissenschaft und technik im kopfhoerer / science and engineering in your headphones (2012-08-03T05:59:39)

TuxRadar Linux Podcast (Ogg)

The #1 source for Linux (2012-08-02T17:11:00)

The Linux Link Tech Show Ogg-Vorbis Feed

The Linux Link Tech Show (2012-08-02T10:30:00)

Ubuntu Podcast

Ubuntu Linux Podcast from the Ubuntu UK LoCo team (2012-08-01T20:39:14)

Social-Engineer.Org PodCast

The Official Social-Engineer.Org Podcast (2012-07-31T23:48:12)


Linux, Open Source und Netzkultur (2012-07-31T11:59:00)

Linux In The Shell

An exploration of Linux commands in the Bash Shell (2012-07-31T11:07:13)

TechTalk4Teachers – A Podcast For Teachers About Teaching, Learning, and Technology

TechTalk4Teachers podcast (blogcast, netcast, webcast, zunecast, educast, teachercast, tomcast – your choice of vocabulary) is for educators wanting to keep up with the latest advances in educational technologies and their practical applications in classrooms. We have a little something for everyone from kindergarten teachers to university professors. Keep on learning! (2012-07-31T08:02:03)


Talking about the BSD family of free operating systems. (2012-07-31T00:12:00)

Linux in the Ham Shack

Linux, Open Source and Ham Radio for Everyone (2012-07-30T00:39:44)


Ein Podcast, der sich mit dem Web, Technologie und Open Source Software auseinander setzt (2012-07-27T18:30:00)

The Silver Bullet Security Podcast with Gary McGraw

Cigital CTO Gary McGraw discusses software security with security gurus. (2012-07-27T18:10:03)

Linux In Da House

One Family 100% Linux (2012-07-23T04:02:26)

GNU World Order Linux OggCast

Use GNU Linux. (2012-07-22T13:36:59)


Before It Bytes! (2012-07-21T03:27:13)


A humorous but honest look at Linux distros (2012-07-20T09:26:22)

Free as in Freedom

A bi-weekly discussion of legal, policy, and other issues in the open source and software freedom community (including occasional interviews) from Brooklyn, New York, USA. Presented by Karen Sandler and Bradley M. Kuhn. (2012-07-17T10:30:00)

Crypto-Gram Security Podcast

Audio of Bruce Schneier’s Monthly Crypto-Gram Security Newsletter (2012-07-15T13:26:00)


The home of the /dev/random podcast (2012-07-11T17:05:47)

Full Circle Magazine podcast

The independent magazine for the Ubuntu Linux community. (2012-07-04T19:21:37)

Eurotrash Security Podcast: Security with funny accents

This the Eurotrash : Security with funny accents. Discussing recent security newsbites and chatting up with European infosec rockstars. (2012-07-02T15:42:00)

MythTV Cast RSS Feed

MythTV Cast RSS Feed (2012-06-29T06:04:26)

Unix Clubhouse Podcast

The Unix Clubhouse Podcast is a fun show about Unix, Linux, BSD, Open Source Software and other things going on in my life. (2012-06-29T05:00:00)


Sourcetunk will try to demystify the beautiful beast that is Open Source and show the listeners the more practical examples of Open Source and Free Software. It will discuss software for Linux, BSD, MacOSX and Microsoft Windows systems (2012-06-26T19:00:00)

Digital Campus

A discussion of how digital media and technology are affecting learning, teaching, and scholarship at colleges, universities, libraries, and museums. (2012-06-26T18:22:54)

All In IT Radio (ogg)

Join us as we talk about everything related to Information Technology, and some other random stuff as well. (2012-06-21T18:26:59)

Finux Tech Weekly Podcast

Finux Tech Weekly Podcast. There is an ogg version of the show you can subscribe to the RSS feed to that show at (2012-05-25T12:00:00)

The Open Network

The Open Network podcast is all about open source, open core, open standards and open ideas. Each episode features an interesting personality with their take on open. Hosted by Alan Shimel, Managing Partner of The CISO Group and Network World open source blogger, Open Network will keep you abreast of the open world. (2012-05-15T00:00:00)


A blend of Creative Commons music and FOSS chat with Kevie (2012-05-09T00:19:29)

Tech Misfits

This time it’s technical. (Thanks Special K) (2012-05-08T13:45:33)

Aussie Geek Podcast

Bloody Awesome Tech (2012-04-14T03:39:49)

QSK Netcast

Cluttering Up the Gaps in Your Life (2012-04-04T02:38:42) | Hacker’s Podcast – By Hackers and for Hackers

A podcast for Hackers. (2012-04-02T18:34:31)

Open Source Musician Podcast

Your guide to Open Source for musicians. (2012-02-08T04:41:51)

Linux News Log

Separating the Linux and Open Source Signal from The Noise. (2012-01-23T05:58:57)

Linux Trivia Podcast

Verbal’s Linux Trivia Podcast (2011-09-19T22:40:00)

Information Underground Speexcast

“Information Underground” Speexcast features tech audiocasters speaking on non-tech issues (usually.) (2011-08-08T20:42:26)

Anonymous Audio Netcast

Privacy Netcast for a Digital World (2011-08-08T15:14:58)

the_source – Your Source For Open Source, Hacking and Making

the_source – Your Source For Open Source, Hacking and Making (2011-07-06T08:02:40)

Novell Open Audio

Connecting Novell users with what’s going on inside and around the Novell universe. (2011-06-06T19:15:37)

The lottalinuxlinks linux podcast ogg feed

Linux user podcast from (ogg feed) (2011-02-19T05:12:17)

Shot of Jaq

Ten minutes of short, sharp, informed, and funny comment about the open source world (2010-07-13T10:00:18)

Inkscape tutorials for the novice and intermediate graphic artist. (2010-05-26T12:51:31)

LinuxLink Radio by TimeSys

This is a Podcast for embedded Linux developers. We discuss the latest news and how to’s in the world of embedded Linux. (2009-06-12T04:00:00)

Free Linux Helpline

If you are new to Linux or just curious, this show is a great way to learn more and get some help with problems you may face. Visit our website for lots of useful information about Linux as well as instructions on how to call in to the show! This is our attempt to make a friendly place to help and encourage new Linux users without the RTFM attitude that has made many Linux forums infamous. The ogg feed can be found at: (2009-04-24T01:04:37)

IBM Linux Technology Center Podcast

Tune in weekly for this series about Linux and IBM, with Tom Gall as your host. Tom interviews various luminaries from IBM who work on various open source technologies. Hear all about their efforts, what it is, what it can do for you and how IBM is working with the larger open source community to make the world a better place. (2008-08-08T15:46:58)

Bungee Connect Developer Network The Bungee Line

Feed for the Bungee Connect Developers Around the World (2008-08-04T16:41:27)

Archived Shows

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