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Are you interested in recording a radio show ?

Podcasting (on demand Internet Radio) is an excellent way to turn many of those boring tasks we all do into a productive time. Be it mowing the lawn or suffering you’re daily commute if you can listen while doing an … Continue reading

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HPR Episode 140 out :: Device Configuration

Yet another in the LPI Certification. We’ve already covered a lot of this stuff before but no harm to review it again. LPIC topic 1.101.6 — Configure Communication Devices [1] Weight: 1 Objective: Candidates should be able to install and configure internal and external communication devices such as modems, ISDN … Continue reading

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PCI Cards podcast released

Hacker Public Radio has another in the series on the LPI certification. This was recorded last month but due to a mixup it only got released today. I’m changing from the IBM documentation to some produced under the GFDL. GNU … Continue reading

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The Perfect XP Desktop

Start -> settings -> Control Panel Switch to classic view Sounds and Audio Devices -> Sound Tab -> No Sounds System -> Advanced Tab -> Performance -> Settings -> Adjust for best performance Taskbar and  Start Menu -> UNTICK: Lock … Continue reading

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