Are you interested in recording a radio show ?

Podcasting (on demand Internet Radio) is an excellent way to turn many of those boring tasks we all do into a productive time. Be it mowing the lawn or suffering you’re daily commute if you can listen while doing an activity then you can make that time more productive by listening to the many podcasts that are available. Regardless of the topic there is probably a podcast that you can subscribe to and enjoy.

If you’re interested in technology and find that you would like to record a podcast but don’t want all the trouble of maintaining a RSS feed, website and forums then you should consider submitting a podcast to Hacker (in the good sense) Public Radio. This is a collection of people that record a audio show of between 5 and 45 minutes on any technology topic. Regular presenters like myself agree to produce one show per month you can submit a show at any time at all.

The topics are wide and varied from hardware or software reviews to beer brewing tips. If one show is not enough time for a topic then you can do a in-depth series. Don’t worry too much about the audio quality as most sins are forgiven if the topic is good. And the topic can be very technical or completely non-technical like my recent stop smoking episode.

Most importantly is that you record something and send it in after all who’s going to hear it.

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  1. When and if I get something to say… maybe, and when and if, I get my darn Linux Machine to record easily, and / if I get a handheld device to use while driving, then yea. I might. But my head is full of random thoughts, and I’m not sure if they’ be useful or entertaining. But yea, I’ll get to it. – I’ll get to it! – Well, I did do a Video on sub-Urban Golfing… on my blog…

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