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Find out which installed file belongs to which package in Fedora and Debian

I was looking for a binary to know which package it was installed, in this case the mail application. For Debian: dpkg –search $(readlink -m $(which mail)) bsd-mailx: /usr/bin/bsd-mailx For Fedora: $ rpm -qf $(readlink -m $(which mail)) mailx-12.5-5.fc17.x86_64 The … Continue reading

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Software I install to a base Linux system

Here is the entry for what I need to install after a clean Fedora install, (this will probably be edited a lot as I add to the list): Applications yum install synergy openssh-server audacity-freeworld ffmpeg sox sox-plugins-freeworld mplayer inkscape scribus … Continue reading

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Skype-call-recorder on Fedora

Skype is frowned on by many as it is proprietary software and by more as it is now owned by Microsoft. However you cannot get over the fact that it has enabled millions to keep in touch for affordable cost. … Continue reading

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