All the information is included

This is also released as a podcast on Hacker Public Radio and on the Internet Archive.

Over the years the image of the clock has been abstracted and stylized to a point where a long and a short line inside a circle, or even inside four dots on the ordinals, can be instantaneously recognized as a clock. This is perfectly fine if you already know how to read the analog clock but it makes no sense to use such a design as a teaching aid.


Stylized version of a clock


All the information is restored

As a teaching device, you need to make sure all the information that has been abstracted away has been put back.




The basic principle of the ccClock

  • The minute hand points at the minute dial
  • All the minutes are listed removing the need to know the 5 or 15 math table
  • The Clockwise direction is emphasized with arrows and text orientation.
  • The two per day rotation of the hour hand is described using a concentric spiral
  • The progression of day into night is indicated by recognizable icons of the rising and setting sun and moon
  • The written format is described in the traditional dial digits
  • The spoken form is described in speech balloons

The most important aspect of the clock face is that it is provided free of charge and released in such a way as to allow anyone to make improvements. Companies are free to use the design royalty free under the terms of the cc-by-sa license so long as their changes
are also given back for the public good.

With this high quality pdf file, any parent or teacher can turn a cheap wall clock into a practical and useful teaching aid. Try and get a clock that has a the three hands preferably in a format that you can color the minute hand green. That will assist in relating the big hand to the minute dial and the small hand to the inner hour dial.


By using a second hand that has visible motion you can explain that:

Teaching Instructions

  1. Each time the second hand goes around the minute hand takes one step
  2. Each time the minute hand goes around the hour hand moves one piece of the pie
  3. The hour hand winds around the clock twice. From the night into the day and then into the night again
  4. There is a difference between what people write down and what they say.

All the other information they need is given in the clock itself.

Make a clock

  1. Aquire a cheap clock
  2. Print out the ccClock, or ccKlok
  3. Remove the clock face and hands
  4. Paste the ccClock face to the back
  5. Put back the hands and face
  6. Give to child

Alternatively you can print it our landscape and laminate. Cut out two card board or plastic hands and use a split pin to fix to the clock.

The original file (English, Dutch) can be opened in inkscape
Please contribute back to this project by commenting below.
Images used are Heraldic crescent by liftarn and Weather Symbols: Sun by nicubunu

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