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Jenkins giving Javascript error on Robot Framework reports

I was struggling with an issue with Jenkins and Robot Framework. After a test run I could open the results file but not report.html nor log.html. They failed with a strange JavaScript error, even though that javascript was enabled. A … Continue reading

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aws cp not working in cron

I just had a problem downloading some files from Amazon Web Services using the aws cp command. The script ran fine as the root user but did not when run in roots cron tab. A normal copy command that took … Continue reading

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Escaping XML with Sed

There are five XML characters that need to be escaped: ” &quot; ‘ &apos; < &lt; > &gt; & &amp; And here is the solution ruakh provided over on stackoverflow sed ‘s/&/\&amp;/g; s/</\&lt;/g; s/>/\&gt;/g; s/”/\&quot;/g; s/'”‘”‘/\&#39;/g’

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All the information is included This is also released as a podcast on Hacker Public Radio and on the Internet Archive. Over the years the image of the clock has been abstracted and stylized to a point where a long and … Continue reading

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Citrix SSL Error 61 – “GlobalSign Root CA”

After a long period of not having issues with Citrix, this old chestnut popped up again. You have not chosen to trust “GlobalSign Root CA”, the issuer of the server;s security certificate (SSL error 61) I checked back and we … Continue reading

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I am trying to mount a cifs share aka smaba/smb/windows share, from a Debian server so I can access log files when needed. To do this automatically I create two mounts, one which is read only and is automatically mounted … Continue reading

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Adding SQLite as a datasource to SQLeo

An audio version of this post is available on Hacker Public Radio. I have been looking for a tool that will graphically and programmatically track identifiers as they pass through systems. I could have done this in Inkscape after following … Continue reading

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not a dynamic executable

I sometimes have issues running a 32bit program under Linux X64. When you run ldd it reports that it’s not a dynamic executable # ldd /usr/bin/snx not a dynamic executable However if you run file, you do see that it … Continue reading

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I was installing Oracle VirtualBox 5.0 as per I ran into the following issue. Stopping VirtualBox kernel modules [ OK ] Uninstalling old VirtualBox DKMS kernel modulesError! There are no instances of module: vboxhost 5.0.4 located in the DKMS … Continue reading

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CheckPoint SNX install instructions for major Linux distributions

I decided to do a round up of how to install the software needed on GNU/Linux to enable access through a CheckPoint firewall. My focus was on distributions whose ISO downloads supported UEFI boot, and hard disk encryption out of … Continue reading

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