The Samsung YP-U3

This months HPR is out and this time I spent some time talking about the evils of and where to see

I have gone through a few players now and my selection criteria in a portable music player is pretty specific. It needs to be solid state, rugged enough to take outside, be under €100 and most importantly be able to play the ogg format. Even though most of my music collection is in the mp3 format I’m slowly moving to ogg for everything. I have the Samsung YP-U2 and it’s a nice little music player although I mostly listen to podcasts on it.

My wife also had one but the on switch died so after checking to see what media player supports the ogg format I ordered the Samsung YP-U3. The forum warned that it comes with media transfer protocol firmware and to get around this you need to install the International Firmware using the description for U3J MTS mode.

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