The JakAttack is back

It was an ordinary day.
A day like any other when suddenly…

As I was transferring my ogg casts to my ogg player I realised that there was a new JakAttack episode. The show is by Jon Watson and his wife Kelly Penguin Girl. It resulted from an earlier show that Jon had that was restricted to technology topics. Their network wouldn’t let them change to a more relaxed “tech ‘n talk” format so they left and started JakAttack on their own.

They were going great guns for a while but when they moved back to Nova Scotia and bought a old house to renovate as a B&B, their podcasting time was limited. While others had given up all hope of ever seeing a new episode (even Dan put them in the graveyard section of I knew they wouldn’t let us down.

So here we are – over a year has passed since the last episode and out of the blue Jon and Kelly were back. Back and at top form. Find the next cast (whenever that will be) at:

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  1. MrCorey says:

    Sweet! Thanks for noticing this, Ken. I’ve been a fan as well and, when I had decided to support ogg where it was available, I switched to gPodder as my podcatcher, since it had an mp3 converter built in (as my player doesn’t support ogg). The feed wouldn’t load, so I left it off.

    You’ve made my day and it hasn’t really even started yet.

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