I listen to so many tech podcasts that I forgot that my ogg player can actually play music. Then while listening to the Linux Outlaws I heard that Dan Lynch had started a music podcast called Rat Hole Radio. So I set out to modify bashpodder not to speed up all my podcasts. In doing so I went down a rathole of my own where a simple change turned into a major project. Those that have seen Hal’s attempt to fix a light bulb in the opening sequence of “Malcolm in the Middle” Season 3 Episode 6 “Health Scare” will know what I mean.

Once I was back up and running I went looking for some Irish podcasts and came across Spud Show which features mostly unsigned female artists from Ireland and around the world. The show has been going for four years and although the presenter Brendan Bolger started out speaking English, he switched to Irish for a while. That turned out to be a long while as the show is still in Irish but don’t let that put you off. The show comes out a few times a week and it’s always something different, fresh and new. He does a great job of linking to the musicians on the website and always makes a point of spelling out the artist’s URL’s (in the English alphabet).

I had a happy few months going through the back catalogue and I can recommend the following shows (of course these are songs that I liked and more importantly were able to get the repeating sound of bob the builder out of my head.) :

In short, give spudshow a listen. Now what was I doing again – ho yea – adding Rat Hole Radio to my feed . . .

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  1. Brendan says:

    Hi Ken, Thanks for your kind words. I do not get much feedback, most of my listeners seem to be in China. Slán tamall. Brendan

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