Say Thanks.

I was preparing to write up the scrip/show notes for my next HPR on the way home from work tonight. Rather than listen to a technical podcast I decided to put on some background music. As luck would have it spudshow 400 had just been downloaded. You may know that I spoke about spudshow before. I was having a bit of an issue with kdm loading so I was a bit preoccupied and it took me a while to tune into what Brendan was saying. Then it occurred to me that he was using the word “ken” a lot. I am used to people using “ken” in sentences and not talking about/to me as in Dutch “ken” means “know”. Anyway when my brain finally kicked in I restarted the show and listened more carefully.

Brendan had put together a special show entitled “Ken’s Spud Show” featuring all the artists that I had liked since the start of his show. I am absolutely amazed, thrilled, chuffed, honoured and as the entire selection is from me the music selection is brilliant 🙂

Why did he do this ? Well in 400 episodes I was the only one ever to give him any feedback.

I don’t know what his subscriber numbers are but it wasn’t very hard to find his show so I guess I can’t be the only one subscribing. So why don’t people send in some feedback ? The guy is producing good work and yet no one could be bothered to write him an email. I always make a point to email the podcasters that I listen to because I know from doing my episodes on HPR that you get very little feedback. But when you do get an email or a comment from someone (that isn’t spam) it makes your day.

So I would like you to make a new years resolution with me.

Say Thanks.

This is especially true if you’re getting something for Free. Don’t limit yourself to podcasters. If you use FLOSS take the time to look in the man page or click on the help – about to find an email address and just fire off a one liner.

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