Laurels for Hardy

The computer sector is one of the few places where you know you’ve done you job well if nobody notices you’ve changed things. Well I’ve just finished updating my Gusty Kubuntu install using the official update graphical method without any problems. This was the first time I’ve not used the aptitude update && aptitude dist-upgrade method and it went flawlessly. Yes I had to install truecrypt but that was an easy three step process.

  1. wget
  2. tar xzvf truecrypt-5.1a-ubuntu-x86.tar.gz
  3. sudo dpkg -i truecrypt-5.1a/truecrypt_5.1a-0_i386.deb

Before I did the upgrade I made sure that I had backed up and restored my laptop to another computer. In that case a spare laptop where I had already installed Ubuntu and Kubuntu Hardy as a clean install. Both versions detected and activated my external speakers, a feat which Gusty and Vista failed to do. All in all the upgrade has added even more polish to a great desktop.

Congratulations and thanks to all the Kubuntu, Ubuntu and Debian teams.

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