HPR episode: Interview Techniques

It’s always a shock to hear your own voice and this was no exception. Episode 78 on Interview Tips has been released. I would like to apologise for the poor audio quality. I decided to make the recording as a audio note to myself on my way home from the swimming pool. As it got later the temperature fell to -5C and that combined with me having a cold and poor audio pickup on My Samsung YP-U2 recorder resulted in an embarrassing production.

This is a bit unfortunate as I think the show has some very good tips on what to expect and what is expected of you at an interview. I would like to know if other people could ‘see’ past the poor audio or would it be better to record the episode again from the home studio.

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  1. Thanks. I listened this twice last night prior to an interview I went on today. We’ll see if I get called back. It was a real laid back interview. Butu I Don’t Window server experience. But am studying for my Network + And Security +. (just got the A+ not long ago, and it was easy as I knew most of it).

    Anyway, thanks for the interesting and informative content, Ken. HPR and other podcasts keep the gears of my mind moving while I’m driving an 18 wheeler…


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