Goodbye LinuxReality

A colleague at work introduced me to podcasts and within a week I was hooked. At the time typing “linux podcast” turned up very little except a show called LugRadio. They 4 (7) Large Gents lead me to The Linux Link Tech Show (not a podcast – just a Internet radio show with a feed 😉 ) and through their podcast list I was lead to many many more. I was so enthused that I wanted to start my own Linux podcast with step by step instructions for the new user.

And then I was devastated to hear that this guy called Chess Griffin had read my mind and had started the Linux Reality Podcast. I didn’t stay devastated for long as I realised that he was producing engaging, informative, professional and consistent shows that I could never in my wildest dreams hope to match. He laid a solid foundation and started building slowly and steadily so that now he has amassed a body of work that will remain usefully and relevant for new Linux users for many years to come.

Sadly he has decided to end the show at 100 episodes but he archived the job he set out to do. The work remains there for all to hear and I seriously doubt this the last we’ve heard of Chess.

Goodbye and thanks for the fish:/

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