Installing snx on Fedora 28

Ahh yes.

dnf install /lib/
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  2. Fred Welland says:

    Been doing Fedora for many years and SSL/VPN for quite some time under fedora. It is a temperamental thing; wish Checkpoint (or my Org) would evolve to something better or using more commodity VPN tools…sigh…

    That said, after fresh install of Fedora 30; ssl/vpn no worky.

    Went thru the spin cycle with this, after a bit of back and forth, Checkpoint made a comment that F30 wasn’t on supported list of SSL/VPN OS’es. But rather quickly there after, checkpoint updated their supported OS list to include F30, as well as add a small bit additional LIB requirements. Refer to:

    Most of the stuff you find on this page (and the others, Thanks Ken!!) cover what this SK says; but I dutifully re-DNF-ed things as per SK; just to be sure (nothing new was dnf-ed).

    AND, this is important, for me the JDK pre-requisite was important. In a change, I had let Fedora/RH OpenJDK be the ‘default’ JRE/JDK for me – typically I install and configure my rig with a JDK of my choosing. Well I couldn’t imagine how that would affect CSHELL; but I guess it does; as using an and OpenJDK to run CSHELL would cause some issue shutting down the whole vpn/snx tunnel thing. So for CSHELL, I tweaked things such that it runs Oracle JDK 11; it worked – I did not try Oracle JDK 1.8xxx. I am very curious what CSHELL is doing to cause this issue with OpenJDK vs Oracle JDK; I suspect there is a permissions/sand box/privilege issue and OpenJDK is more stringent than OracleJDK. Taking a sample of Mac users (well, sample size of 1), it seems that Mac OpenJDK (non-Oracle) and CSHELL work ok.


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