HPR Episode on autonessus

I attended a presentation on AutoNessus at the Dutch Linux Users Group NLLGG on the 7th of February last. I managed to record an interview with the author Frank Breedijk who works as a Security Engineer for Schuberg Philis and it’s just been released as a Hacker Public Radio episode.

Autonessus is a tool that you can use not only to automate your Nessus security scans but  more importantly it is a valuable tool in helping you to digest the findings that are produced.

In the interview Frank gives a background to Nessus and he explains why AutoNessus is a useful tool for helping you decipher the results of an initial scan. This is an invaluable tool for those who regularly scan their own networks as it will allow you to focus on the issues that have changed. Whither the change is for the better or worse you will still have to decide yourself but at least you don’t need to wade through any of the findings that are unchanged from the last scan.

Towards the end of the interview we go through the roadmap and discuss why it was released under the GPLv3. Frank is working on a English screencast demo and I’ll keep you posted once it’s available.

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