How to install checkpoint ssl extender VPN SNX under Fedora 16 64bit

I have released an update to this blog post: See CheckPoint SNX install instructions for major Linux distributions

The SNX saga continues and this time it’s on Fedora 16 64 bit. I followed the steps in my post “How to install checkpoint ssl extender VPN SNX under Fedora 16” but I was not able to run snx.

# snx
-bash: /usr/bin/snx: /lib/ bad ELF interpreter: No such file or directory

I even ran into trouble running ldd which responded with a strange error saying that it was not a dynamic executable.

# ldd /usr/bin/snx
not a dynamic executable

When I checked that type of file it was, file reported that it was a executable file.

# file /usr/bin/snx
/usr/bin/snx: setuid ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.2.5, stripped

I was stumped for a while until I realised that this was a 64 bit system and ldd is having problems with identifying a 32 bit application.

# uname -i

So I had to ignore what ldd said and instead focus on what snx complained about when it ran.

One handy feature of yum is that you can specify the file you want installed and it will install any package that it is in. I installed /lib/ and ran snx again only to have some other files missing. In the end I installed everything I needed with the following command.

yum install /lib/

Well that’s it (until the next upgrade).

Edit: See the comment from Henderik:


Newer versions of the Linux Citrix software get installed into /opt/Citrix
Also, the Export All Certificates add-on does not run on newer Firefox versions. What I did was to install the “Certificate Patrol 2.0.14″ add-on and from there exported the GlobalSign Root CA.
Afterwards I issued this command:
sudo cp GlobalSignRootCA.crt /opt/Citrix/ICAClient/keystore/cacerts/

And it went fine from there.

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